Materiality, materialism and conceptuality – an essay about art as a philosophy without words, proposing art as an alternative to materialism, capitalism and the rest of enlightenment thinking

Here is the essay I wrote in support of my MA Fine Art, in August 2018. It tries to describe art in the biggest sense, as a philosophy without words – a way of seeing and understanding the world in an intuitive way. The essay suggests that art practice might provide us with an alternative to capitalism, as a way of satisfying our human desire.

The essay looks at the meaning of art in a social and political context. It follows a
thread of history showing the relationship of art to society and politics, and
identifies cultural perspectives – materiality and conceptuality – to develop the
concept of art as a philosophy without words.

We arrive at a sense of art and culture as immanent, embedded in society, and
offering an alternative value system to postmodernism’s ‘capitalist realism’.

AGM79 Russell Honeyman Final – Materiality, Materialism and Conceptuality

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