Europa Starlight – withy lantern making workshop, with take-home star lantern, and twilight parade (weather permitting)

(From Spectre of the Real exhibition in April 2019, Brighton)

Stars lantern filipinoIn this two hour workshop you will make a star-shaped lantern out of withy (willow shoots) and tissue. The lantern is similar to those used in lantern parades all over the world, and of course, Brighton’s own Burning the Clocks. The techniques learned can be used to make other shapes, and you can, if you wish, use the workshop to make your own design.

Lantern materials are included in the ticket price: withy, binding tape, tissue, pva ‘dope’, dark paper for decorations.

I have some battery powered lights you can use on the day, or buy for £2 extra, or provide your own. The traditional light source is candles, but for ‘health and safety’ reasons we won’t be using candles in this workshop. Likewise, although I’ve used lanterns like this as lampshades in my home for years, I can’t recommend this as the design has not been safety tested.

At 8pm on the day of making, we might (no promises, weather etc) do a lantern parade around Brighton: Europa followed by host of little stars. Lovely a photo opportunity!

Kids will love this workshop, but we use scissors and a fair degree of manual skill is needed, so parents need accompany under 16s.

About the workshop convener

I’m Russell, I’m a social artist: here’s a link to my website:

I’ve hosted a number of lantern making workshops including at Little Green Gathering in 2012. I’ve worked with all age groups and have a current DBS for working with young people.

europa 15 jan 18 - 11The illustration on this page is my creation “Europa”, photographed on promenade in the Old Steine in January 2019. Europa is at home in my studio, so you will be able to see her up close at this workshop. But we wont be making Europa – that took a couple of days.

Withy LanternBelow is a photo of the artist in 2016, with his creation, a withy lantern in the shape of the Ace of Spades. The Fool is a person starting out on a journey, which hopefully, he will learn from, and attain wisdom. I’ve shown this picture to give you an idea of the size of the star lantern we will make, as I dont have a pic of me with a star lantern, though I have made plenty. I want to make stars, since they go with Europa.

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