Is Putin right to say this is the end of the era of liberalism? (and a great essay about our times (the ‘anthropocene’) from Mintpress)

4bJuly 2019. Last week, Russian premiere Vladimir Putin said the era of liberalism is over. He’s referring to the global culture which appears to demand everyone can do what whatever they want. There’s a whole lot to unpack there – its about freedom, individualism, the right to make dreams of riches come true. From free speech to to a free hand in exploiting the environment, we might need to choose what liberal values are really appropriate.  Putin’s remark might also recall the 1989 essay which proclaimed “the end of history”, an intellectual idea that proved irresistible to the Marxists who ran the USSR. They decided to end the cold war – but history was not over. Maybe proclaiming the end of liberalism will have a similar effect on the Western empire.

Here is a link to an excellent essay on Mintpress, linking cultural theory to globalisation, climate change, migration and war.

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