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2014-06-16-05-1828 October 2016. In this liminal time (samhain to some, all hallows to others), Im making this new website to gather together various aspects of my work. Im setting up this new blog on WordPress, because I find the Blogspot template a bit limited for organising multiple strands. So here’s a link directory.

About Me

My focus is on Art: I enrolled at Brighton University to take a Master’s degree in fine art in September. I’m supporting myself by working for the YMCA DLG as a support worker, working with 16-15 year old young people in residential care. I also share care for my daughter, which is really the main work, but in order to do that properly, I need to ‘realise my soul’, as Joe Strummer put it. Hence the Art. It is a hard path in some ways, but there are moments of bliss, when I know this is really what I must do. I had such a moment last night (November 2016, that was, that night), when I felt everything was right, and all the struggle and confusion that went before was necessary to bring me to this point – any sooner and I would not have noticed the sublime moment. In that moment I could honestly thank my parents, and understand why I did not go to Art School when I was 18.