Europa at SEAS May 2019

I showed Europa at the Limbo exhibition at SEAS in Brighton’s BMECP centre, during the May 2019 Artists’ Open Houses. Here are a couple of photos (plus one of Europa being promenaded in Brighton’s Pavilion Gardens):  

“Europa” and “Landscapes Summer 2017 (Sussex and Nineveh)”: works on show at two Brighton Artists Open Houses 2019

I’m showing in two venues for Artist Open Houses 2019, at YMCA Reed House, and SEAS Limbo. At YMCA Reed House, I’m showing two paintings entitled “Landscape: Summer 2017, Sussex” and “Landscape: Summer 2017, Nineveh” (both pictured below). Venue opening times etc: At SEAS Limbo exhibition, I am showing withy lantern sculpture “Europa” .…